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WordPress Emoji Reactions a new way to engage your audience

WordPress is by far the most popular platform for website creation, powering over 43% of the sites on the Internet and generating over 600 new sites every day. There’s a reason for the constantly increasing popularity of this platform. Unlike some of its competitors, WordPress makes site creation and maintenance easy, even for those who don’t know the first thing about coding.

One of the platform’s best features is its proliferation of plugins. These plugins can be added to WordPress sites to extend their functionality, add new features, and create a more user-friendly, engaging experience. Want to offer visitors an easy way to interact with blog content, media, and more? Read on to find out about WP Reactions, the platform’s leading animated emojis plugin can help you create instant user engagement for your users.

Why Add Emoji Reactions?

Adding emoji reactions to a WordPress site is a great way to increase user engagement and to collect user feedback without words. In fact, research has shown that it could increase browsers’ on-page engagement by over 20 seconds. This makes websites look better to both other browsers and to the search engine algorithms, boosting everything from search engine rankings to social media sharing, brand recognition, and site popularity.

Why Choose WP Reactions?

Adding Animated Emoji Reactions may not be the only way to increase user engagement, but it’s certainly one of the simplest and most affordable ones. Think of social media monoliths like Facebook. Part of these sites’ success comes from inviting users to interact with each other’s posts in easy, straightforward ways and with the use of emoji reactions.

The vast majority of today’s consumers are already enamored with emojis. They use them in texts, in responses to Facebook posts, and elsewhere to add a little personality and flair to their messages. That familiarity allows WordPress site owners who incorporate Emoji Reactions are able to harness the power of this existing Internet trend while collecting valuable user reactions each time an emoji is clicked.

Do posts with emojis perform better? Posts with emojis do perform better. As per YouGovAmerica reports, 57% of Facebook posts with emojis get more likes, and 33% have more shares and comments. While Instagram posts and tweets with emojis increase engagement rate by 48% and 25%, respectively.

Tons of Options

WP Reactions allows users to create endless animated and static emoji combinations within their layouts that feature lighting-fast Lottie animation and the highest-quality emojis. The company’s recent license agreement with JoyPixels gives users access to 200 Premium World Famous Licensed Emojis making the plugin, the only legal way to use emoji reactions for WordPress. In addition, there are currently 5 layouts that are mobile responsive and can be customized in every way imaginable.

Animated emojis offer an extra level of fun and excitement for WordPress Users while each time they engage with an emoji, user feedback is collected. This feedback is crucial to understand how your audience actually feels about your content. All data is store and can be sorted in the analytics dashboard within the plugin. That’s why this plugin allows site owners to take their user engagement to the next level without spending a fortune.

User-Friendly Admin Panel

WP Reactions is designed for all WordPress users and requires no coding. The admin panel is easy to use and emoji reactions can be deployed site-wide in a matter of minutes with just one click. That’s true whether a website has one page or a ten thousand pages.

Shortcode Generator

The Shortcode Generator is a great feature within this excellent WordPress Plugin. This feature gives you full control to customize every aspect of your emoji reactions all on one fun dashboard page with live preview while you create. Before naming your Shortcode you are promted to bind the shortcode to your post, page or custom post type depending on your theme. This is totally optional but is a great way to get your reactions on more pages without having to paste individually to the post. Shortcode offers all the core features for creating reactions and can be copied and pasted anywhere within the site.

Reaction Button & Layouts

Along with 200 Lottie Animated emojis, users will also get access to the latest layouts and the Reaction Button. The Reaction Button layout offers a more minimal approach to increasing user engagement. It is Ultimate Button where emoji reactions reside within waiting for engagement. It offers both emoji reactions and a social pop-up on the back end of the button after it is clicked the first time. The dual button engagement model turns the button into a share button after an emoji is clicked. This button has been shown to increase on-page engagement by over 30 seconds.


WP Reactions Shortcode Generator

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Users will know exactly what they get before they pay for the WP Reactions plugin. There aren’t any hidden fees, and there’s no subscription required. Plus, the plugin’s already competitive pricing is even lower than usual right now, so now is the time to buy.

Those who run just one website can purchase a Single plugin to boost their user engagement for a one-time fee of just $29.00. Users with multiple websites can purchase the Pro package for $89.00 and add emojis to up to five websites. The Agency package is designed for developers and allows them to add emojis to up to 10 of their clients’ websites for just $249.00.

Zero-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Not sure if the WP Reactions plugin will be a good fit? That’s fine because its developers offer a 14-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If anyone is less than satisfied with their purchase, all that’s required is sending a quick message to WP Reactions for a full refund.

Live Online Demo

Want to try WP Reactions before investing in the full product? The company offers a live online demo to see if it is a good fit. Just hit the demo link on the main menu and browse around to see how the emojis look and how they work. Most interested web designers are ready to jump in and make a purchase within minutes.

Switch Websites at Will

WP Reactions users can transfer their licenses between websites with ease, even if they choose the Single plan. The caveat? Each license will only work for one website at a time. Once users see how much this plugin can boost their engagement rates, though, they can upgrade to a Pro or Agency package to use emojis on all their sites.

Great Customer Support

Want to get answers to questions before making a purchase? The plugin’s developers make that just as easy as using their products. Just head to the website and click on the pre-sale question link and fill out the short form. Usually a friendly and knowledgeable customer support person will reply with a few hours answering your questions. 

Once they’ve made the switch to WP Reactions, users can contact customer support online. After submitting their queries, they can expect to receive a response within five business hours. A friendly, knowledgeable support technician will then help the customer resolve his or her issue completely within a business day or sooner. Usually sooner.

WP Reactions Dashboard

The Bottom Line

Emojis are popular for a reason. They’re easy to recognize, easy to personalize, and great for boosting user engagement across not just social media platforms but the Internet as a whole. Site owners who are looking to boost their search results, increase social media engagement and keep site visitors interested and engaged need look no further than WP Reactions.

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